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Client Reviews

"Coach C has been training me for the last 3 months and I have been loving working out with Feel Good Fitness. I schedule twice a week for the small group and it is one of the best things I’ve done. Previously to Feel Good Fitness, I would dread to workout, because I didn’t have a plan, didn’t know if I was doing a workout correct, and felt judged. As a plus size individual that struggles with anxiety, I have been judged on my outward appearance previously to coming to Feel Good Fitness. Coach C has helped me by caring more about my wellbeing, my ability to do the exercises without pain, and knows how to push me past my own mental blockades.. She is responsive in any questions I have and truly listens. She is committed, communicative, organized, understanding, and educated. Additionally, Coach C provides programs, easy scheduling, and community. I feel supported and seen in the community and by Coach C. She prioritizes us as clients and it truly shows."

Kara, Training 2x/Week.

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